The Company

EcoMechanics specializes in designing and manufacturing of reliable conveyors and other equipment, particularly for waste management industry. Our equipment shall work – this is our aim and motto.

Currently we offer belt conveyors, chain conveyors, waste sorting plants (WSP or MRF, material recovery facilities). Our conveyors are used in different areas of recycling in more than 50 locations across Russia.

EcoMechanics team consist of more than 30 professionals including 5 designers, 2 process flow engineers and some 20 workers as per beginning of 2014.

Solid municipal (or household) waste (SHW) processing usually requires moving the material flow between process stages and EcoMechanics conveyors are often used for this. 

Waste sorting plants equipped with our conveyors are successfully operated in various regions of Russia, for example, in Vladimir, Kaluga and Vologda regions. 

Waste sorting can take place at mobile sorting plants. Mobile plants can be deployed in a single day and, if necessary, same quickly dismantled, loaded on a trailer and relocated.

Waste sorting is a multistep process that uses various types of conveyors offered by us.

Sorting station (waste sorting plant, sorting line, sorting station) typically includes following main units:

  • SHW feed from the receiving area to sorting
  • actual sorting of SHW
  • removing the tailings
  • preparing the sorted recyclable fractions (SHW pressing and crushing) to be sent for further processing.

SHW sorting requires high quality standards on transport equipment, therefore in EcoMechanics conveyors we use only high-quality components from reliable vendors.

In SHW sorting, belt conveyors are normally used. To feed SHW to sorting, chute belt conveyors or belt chain conveyors (or apron conveyors) are normally used.

Recycling is not possible without well organized process of separating useful fractions from the SHW flow. Our conveyor sorting plants successfully accomplish this task.